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Raleigh-Wake Chapter History

In 1949, seventeen prominent mothers in the Raleigh, North Carolina area identified a need for a local chapter of Jack and Jill of America. They organized a provisional group in Raleigh, under the sponsorship of Mollie Huston Lee of the Durham, North Carolina Chapter.  
On June 3, 1950, in Buffalo, New York, at the Fifth National Convention, this provisional group was voted into membership. The Raleigh Chapter became the twenty-seventh chapter to represent the goals and objectives of Jack and Jill of America. This illustrious event occurred only twelve years after the inception of the National Organization. 
In 1993 the Raleigh Chapter had a vision to encompass all of Wake County. This vision was achieved under the leadership of the twenty-first Chapter President, Ms. Shirley Nimmons. The new boundaries brought about a new name for the chapter, Raleigh Wake Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. 
During the late 1990’s an official Associates Group was established within the Raleigh Wake Chapter. The first Associates Group included: Shirley Nimmons, Janice McNeil, Jacqueline Lewis, and Barbara Hickey. In 2013 the Raleigh Wake Associates Chapter was re-established with eight lifetime members.   
Through the years Raleigh-Wake has received numerous awards and recognitions.   In 1997 Raleigh Wake was given the Chapter of the Year Award. The Chapter also won Excellence in the Cultural Activity category for Age Group Programming at the National Conference, in July 2014.  In 2016 the Chapter received first place for Financial Contribution, third place for Foundation Contribution, and the Foundation Partner Award.  The Chapter has also received a First Place Regional Program Award. Raleigh-Wake Associates President, Pamela Batey Bright, recently received the Distinguished Associates Award.  Additionally, Raleigh Wake has received the rating of Superior Status for several of the Chapter’s Program Planning Handbooks. 
Over the years the Raleigh Wake Chapter has yielded several National and Regional Officers including: Mrs. Elizabeth Cofield served as Regional Director from 1959-1963; Mrs. Harriet Webster served as Regional Director from 1977-1979; Mrs. Thelma Keck served as National Editor from 1960-1964: Mrs. Josephine Brown served as Regional Associate Member Coordinator from 1977-1979. Ms. Nicole Martin served as Regional Director in 2013.  Ms. Pamela D. Taylor served as Regional Treasurer from 2013 – 2016 and she was subsequently elected to the office of National Treasurer in 2016 and reelected as National Treasurer in 2018. 
In the new millennium, Raleigh Wake continues its legacy of leadership and service to Jack and Jill of America. The Chapter has successfully sponsored two provisional groups that have become chapters.  The Family Alliance provisional group, of Greenville, North Carolina was installed as the Eastern North Carolina Chapter on September 18, 2010 and the Capital City provisional group in North Carolina became the Capital City Chapter on September 15, 2012. 
In addition to supporting the expansion of Jack and Jill of America, the Raleigh Wake Chapter has actively supported the Jack and Jill Foundation and the local community through fund raising.   In 2010 the chapter sponsored its first annual Jack and Jill Ran Up the Hill 5k and the Chapter continues to annually sponsor the Mother’s Day Jazz Brunch Fashion Show fundraiser.  Proceeds from these and other activities support local charities including: Oxford Home for Children, The Raleigh Women’s Center, Pretty and Pink Foundation, CONCERT, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Brown Bag Ministry, Raleigh Boys and Girls Club, the Sickle Cell Anemia Fund, Holiday Cheer, North Carolina Museum of Art - Friends of African-American Art, the Hope Center at Pullen, and the Kyran Anderson Academy at North Carolina State University.  
Raleigh Wake has also championed the cause of extending educational, health and social opportunities to families within our community by partnering in service projects with many organizations including the Martin Luther King Day of Service, Food Bank of Eastern North Carolina, the Wake County Library, and the Outreach Center.  In these partnerships Chapter mothers and children participate in coat drives, book drives, canned food drives, and preparing and serving meals for homeless shelters. 




Our Charter Members

​Mollie Huston Lee  (First African-American Librarian in Wake County)
(Sponsored Raleigh Chapter)
Harveleigh M. White (1923 - 1975) Champion Civil Rights Leader
First African-American Postmaster
(First President Raleigh Chapter)
Gladys Hunt Vice-President 
Shirley Delaney Secretary-Treasurer 
Beatrice Hamlin Reporter
Adelle McClellan
Margaret DeBerry
Gladys Turner
Margaret Capehart
Helen Duff 
Marguerite M. Lightner
Susie Vick Perry 
Fannie Vick Latham 
Thelma Keck
 Margaret Hayes 
Ethel Lytle 
Virginia Newell 
Dorcas Arles  

Past Presidents of the

Raleigh-Wake Chapter


*Harveleigh White        
*Gladys Hunt               
*Thelma Keck             
*Elizabeth Cofield        
*Elizabeth Cofield       
*Marjorie Debnam        
*Ruby Stroud                
*Lillian Abron                 
Hazel Logan                 
*Harveleigh White         
*Elaine Welch Perry                   
*Alice Solomon                
Bernice Rainbow            
*Greta Avent                    
Natalie Wimberley
Bessie Lewis   
Karen Vertreese
Karen Vertreese


M. Jacquelyne Lewis 
Judy Rogers
Shirley Nimmons
Carolyn Winters
Ann Hooker 
Linda Gunn-Jones
Earlene Middleton
Paulette Motley
Darlene Brooks
Regina N. Stephens
Nicole Hooker Martin
Barbara Blackburn 
Pamela D. Taylor
Stephanie Irby Coard
​Ife Mitchell-Parks
​Thea Horton
Courtney Telfaire


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